Ms. Norris

Hello my name is Mrs. Norris. I’m one of the health and physical education teachers here at SAMS. I’m also the Athletic Director, head girl's softball coach, and head men's and women's track coach here at SAMS.
Your child will learn many different activities in Physical Education during their semester of PE. Your child will not only learn cooperative activities or team activities, but lifetime and individual activities as well.

During health your child will learn about their bodies, minds, self esteem, decision making skills, goal setting, and overall general health. Our 8th graders will learn CPR as well.
Your child will also be participating in a program in which we have a cohort with UNCG that incorporates fitness activities into the curriculum and students will track their progress in a journal provided.
As far as athletics are concerned, to be eligible students must be in the 7th or 8thgrade, have a current physical on file with me here at the school, students must pass 7 out of their 8 classes, and maintain good conduct and attendance. Students cannot miss more than 13 days of school per semester. Students must maintain good conduct during their athletic season, and adhere to all rules from ACS as well as their coaches’ team rules. Students who turn 15 years of age on or before August 15 are ineligible for middle school athletics.
Please refer to our athletics page which can be accessed through the home page to access the athletic schedules as well as the school’s physical form. Physical forms can be picked up at the school also.

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