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Jaimie Cope

Hello, I'm Jaimie Cope, the Visual arts teacher at SAMS and welcome to the Visual Arts page for South Asheboro Middle School!

Current Events, Assignments, and Student Artwork:
Below are links to our SAMS Visual Arts Classroom Sites. Here you will be able to find our weekly agenda, current events, assignments, and student artwork. On the student artwork page there will be current work from the students that have participated in the SAMS visual arts program during the 2016- 2017 school year. 

6th Grade: 6th Grade Art Google Site

7th Grade: 7th Grade Art Google Site

8th Grade: 8th Grade Art Google Site

On your child's report cards and progress reports you will see a participation grade, art assignment grade with a description of the assignment, writing assignments grades, and quizzes/ test grades. Homework is only assigned when class time was not used.

* All art assignments are participation based where students learn about the history, methodology, proper tool use during the creation/ experimentation of art, and how to formally discuss works of art. Students will fill out a formal rubric assessing themselves either digitally or pencil and paper copy. I use the same rubric and apply the self assessment and my assessment to their final score.
* Each art assignment will be expected to be placed into both the student's digital portfolio on ACS"s Google Doc's server and physical portfolios for review during the semester and for final review at the end of the semester. Please ask your child to show you their portfolio's for extra credit and to be current on the artists and art movements they are studying in visual arts class.
* All handouts, Power Points, and notes for the assignments will be kept with a master copy in the classroom. If a student needs a handout to use at home it will be provided. All extra copies will also be provided to your student through their Google Doc's account with ACS.

Click Here for Rubrics and Documents

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me, The best times for you to reach me during the school day are from:

Semester 1: 
1:55 - 3:30.

Semester 2:
10:30 - 11:52
2:48- 3:30

If you are unable to reach me during school hours please leave me a message and I will contact you after school or by the next day.

Jaimie Cope
(336) 629- 4141