Dance Guidelines

South Asheboro Middle School PTO Dances

Purpose of dances: To provide a fundraising opportunity as well as a social opportunity among SAMS students in a positive atmosphere.

Sponsor: SAMS PTO
Dance times/cost: Dances begin at 7:00 and end at 9:00
Admission is $5.00

1. Dances are school activities. All school rules listed in the School
handbook applies.
2. A DJ has been hired by the PTO to play appropriate music. Students
will not be allowed to bring personal CD's. Requests by the students will
be considered.
3. It is important that students respect the parents who chaperone the
dances. Without their support, the dances will not continue.
4. Dances are open to SAMS students. Attending dances is a privilege for
all Comet Club students and students with no more than one
detention between dances and no ISP placement.
5. SAMS students are allowed to bring one middle school guest who is not
a student at SAMS. Students who wish to bring an "outside" guest
should request to do so by Wednesday prior to the dance. The SAMS
student is responsible for the conduct of his/her guest.
6. Concessions will be provided. Food and drink are allowed only in the
7. In addition to the rules printed in the School Handbook, students are
reminded that "dirty" dancing is in poor taste and inappropriate as
SAMS dances.
8. The school is concerned for student’s safety; therefore, students will not
be allowed to leave dances unless accompanied by a responsible
adult. Rides should be at the school at 9:00 when the dances end.

Students not leaving on time may not be able to attend further dances.