Attendance/Tardy Policy

Attendance/Tardy Policy
Students are expected to attend school and be present in all classes. Failure to attend school is a violation on the Compulsory Attendance Law and chronic truancy will result in legal action. According to North Carolina Law, there are 7 lawful reasons for an excused absence. They are:
1. Student personal illness/injury (note from doctor may be required);
2. Quarantine of student ordered by Health Department;
3. Death in immediate family (extent ruled by principal);
4. Medical or Dental appointment (note from doctor may be
5. Student is a party to or subpoenaed as a witness in a court
6. Religious observance;
7. Educational opportunity through prior approval of the principal
     (approval must be gained at least one week prior to the
     absence). Students may use this opportunity for a total of no
     more than five days.
Upon returning from the absence, the following will occur:
a) the student will bring a note to school providing the following
      1. Date of note                                       2. Date of absence  
      3. Reason for absence                        4. Parent/Guardian Signature
b) Absences for certain reasons given will be considered excused;
c) Absences for other reasons will be considered unexcused;
d) Absences will be unexcused if the student fails to bring a note
    within 2 days of returning to school.
Students who leave school before 12:00PM and fail to return will be considered absent. Students must attend school to participate in extracurricular activities. Absences due to vacations are considered unexcused. Some vacation absences can be excused with prior approval.
Punctuality is an important trait to reinforce at school and we expect students to arrive at school and class on time. Students who are late to school and have no valid excuse will be assigned ASD (After-School Detention) ASD will be assigned for every 3rd unexcused tardy. Tardies to class and school will be handled by the classroom teacher.
Make-Up Work
Students are responsible for all work missed during any absence. Students have one day to make-up class work for each day they were absent. Students are allowed to make-up work missed during an unexcused absence, the amount of credit given for that work is left to the discretion of the teacher.
Leaving School Grounds
When students arrive on school property at the beginning of the day, they must remain on the school grounds until dismissal that afternoon. Students who ride busses are not to leave the bus after boarding until they reach school in the mornings and their homes in the afternoon. In order for students to leave school during the day, he/she is to be signed-out from the office by a parent/guardian. When a student leaves campus without permission, the Asheboro City Police will be notified.