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Ronald Dixon - Principal email
Betsy Hammond - Assistant Principal email


Lisa Rhodes - Treasurer/Data Manager email
Lori Campbell - Receptionist email


Megan Smith - AIG Consultant email
April Stutzman - Psychologist email
Laura Trogdon - Speech email
Leslie Smith-Moore - Counselor email
Jeff Melberger - Social Worker email
Kim Richau - School Nurse email

6th Grade                                                

Keri Hill - Language Arts email          
Kristen Runnfeldt - Math email   
Callie Everett - Math email       
Cory Masterson - Social Studies email
Donna Purkerson - Language Arts email
Glenn Fleming - Social Studies email
Robert Altadonna - Science email
Janneth Ruiz - Science email

7th Grade                                           

Anthony Ross - Social Studies email
Kerri Lamb - Language Arts email     
Rachel McElroy - Math email
Sarah Trollinger - Math email
Casey Carter - Social Studies email            
Adrianne Clarett - Science email
Kirsten Herrin - Science email
Margeaux Neff - Language Arts email

8th Grade 

Kelly Hagood - Language Arts email
Jeremy Holmes - Language Arts / Social studies email
Nathan Kinney - Social Studies email
David McElroy - Math email
Brett Hoogkamp - Math email    
Kathy Peters- Science email  
Jennifer Miller- Science email


Susan Butler - Band email                        
Kathleen Lackey - Chorus/Music email          
Heather Norris - PE email
Joe Arroyo - PE email                       
Jamie Cope - Art email
Taylor Craig - Agriculture Ed email
Chuck Hinson - Spanish email                           
Wesley Berrier - CTE Business email          
Kelly Thompson - CTE Biotech Careers email


Tamara Myers - 6th Grade email
Kristen Toscano - 6,7,8th Grade email
Teresa O'Connor - Functional Skills email
Jose Mondragon - 7th grade email
Patti Norton - 6th Grade email

Sharon Wiley - 6-8th Grade email

Julia Dawson - Media Coordinator email
Kim Hoffman - Instructional Assistant email