Mrs. Thompson


Hello, my name is Kelly Thompson. I am the new Biotechnology teacher here at South Asheboro Middle School. Before coming to SAMS, I was a Pharmacy Technician at Randolph Hospital. I look forward to teaching the students real-life skills to help them prepare for their future careers and explore making career decisions.

Below is a list of the courses and topics that are covered for each grade level:

6th grade: Exploring Careers in Biotechnology
1st Nine Weeks- Exploring personal characteristics and careers
2nd Nine Weeks- Introduction to Biotechnology and careers

7th grade: Fundamentals of Biotechnology
Biotechnology Terminology and Math, Lab Safety, Infection Control, Cellular Design, DNA, and Forensics

8th grade: Biotechnology and Health Science Careers
1st Nine Weeks- Biotechnology in Healthcare, Biomedical Research, Bioethics
2nd Nine Weeks- Exploring Careers and Employment

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me, The best times for you to reach me during the school day are from:

1st Semester:

2nd Semester:

If you are unable to reach me during school hours, please leave me a message and I will contact you after school or by the next day.

Kelly Thompson
(336) 629- 4141