Mr. Ross


Hello students and parents! You've reached the webpage of Mr. Ross. This is my fourth year teaching at SAMS, and my second year teaching Social Studies. I'm very excited about making the transition to being a full-time social studies teacher. In the past I've taught Language Arts exclusively both in middle school and high school. Being ELA for so long, reading and writing will be infused throughout my social studies curriculum, but the primary focus will remain on students understanding the complexities of history and how the concepts of right-and-wrong and good-and-evil are not always as clear cut as our movies and television shows make them out to be. 

Outside of school, my first born, Finn, will turn one on September 26. And my wife teaches 8th grade Language Arts in the county, so even when I'm not at school, I'm either working on trying to teach a complicated concept to a kid or talking about educational theories at length with my wife. 

The best way to contact me is always via e-mail. Unless I'm in the middle of something, I will usually reply within minutes - thank you, smartphone. If you don't have access to e-mail my planning period is every morning until ~10:30, so calling the school then would yield the best results. 

Last updated 8/22/2017